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Are you looking for an answer to something that is weighing heavy on your heart?  I can find an answer for you.  

What's a Dream Oracle?
A Dream Oracle is an individual who possess the ability to provide wise and prophetic counsel and encouragement by connecting to the Divine and an individual’s life guides in the Dream World.


Who are Spirit Guides?
There is truth in the saying, "follow your dreams." We're guided on a daily basis by our spirit team, which includes ancestors; animals, plants, elemental spirits, angels, and other guiding forces. Dreams just happen to be one powerful way of sending and receiving
messages. Spirit guide dreams carry important messages for our healing, growth, and alignment. Our guides are always with us, and here to support our growth and enlightenment.


I can connect with your guides to help you find answers.
If you have a question laying heavy on your heart....ask your guides! I can help you get the empowering answers you need to move forward with confidence, by connecting with your guides in my dreams. Topics can include career growth, medical concerns, health
and wellness, relationships, ancestral healing.....really almost anything that you may have a question around.

I'm interested. What's next?
Let's connect and start a conversation! You tell me what's weighing on you and together we will develop an empowering question that seeks the answers you're looking for. I'll take that question with intention into the Dream World on your behalf. I'll report back to you with an inspired analysis of my dreams and how they relate to the questions you're looking to have answered.


Dream Oracle Session - $199

Initial consult, Oracle's dreamwork, and follow-up session. Communication is completed virtually.

Mind, Body, and Spirit In-person Healing Session- $125

One hour session to assess your holistic needs and develop an integrated approach to healing (Located in Stevens Point, WI)

Dream Discovery Session- $125

One hour session to help guide you in a deeper understanding of your own dream or dreams.  Can be done in person or virtually.


Kim has such a gift! She did a dream reading for me pertaining to a health question I had and her insights were very powerful.  Her expertise in the health and wellness field was evident through her professionalism, her way of caring, and her ability to navigate messages for me.  She helped me see how different parts of myself are involved in this process and how to navigate through my "next steps" with ease.  I would recommend Kim for her professionalism, her expertise and her intuitive gift for dream reading and insights.  A+!

Sophia B

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